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My first game for iPhone and iPod Touch was CornerChaos.

The game very easy to learn and great fun to play! The object of the game is to drop the colored balls into the holes at the corner of the play area. The balls roll into the sloped arena and lay to rest towards the center. If four or more balls of the same color are touching, they're removed from the game.

Now on the iPhone App Store

CornerChaos is available on the iPhone App Store!

Available soon on the Mac App Store

CornerChaos will be available on the Mac App Store very soon!

CornerChaos Feedback & Reviews

Try It - You'll Like It

"Warning, this game is addictive. It may cause loss of sleep. All joking aside it is great to play a game that allows you to think about what you are going to do next. A definite cut above the "If it moves - kill it" style of games. I have all ready played it for hours and the game code is rock solid. Can't wait for Paul's next release."  -- USA App Store User Review

You will feel chaotic after playing Corner Chaos, super addictive puzzle app

"Corner Chaos by Paul Burkey is by far one of my favorite puzzle apps currently available in the iTunes App Store. Corner Chaos is for the iPhone and iPod Touch and it rocks. [..] This game is very original and fun to play. I am surprised Apple has not placed this in any of their marquees in the iTunes App Store. This app has very good graphics and the audio is cool. Corner Chaos is a simplistic, addictive, puzzle game that may end up in the iTunes App Store top paid apps section."  -- CrazyMikesApps.com (May 2009)


"What a wonderful game this is. Unlike most iPhone games, this one really suits the touch screen well, and is fiendishly addictive. Well worth the money."  -- UK App Store User Review

Good one

"I love this game on the mac, and the adaptation to iPhone is excellent. It even has a few improvements, including new powerups."  -- USA App Store User Review

Puzzle-Game mit Suchtgefahr

"Fazit: Wer Zuma, Bejeweled oder JellyPop mag, ist mit diesem Spiel bestens bedient!!!"  -- Deutschland App Store User Review

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