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LinkLines High Scores

Share your High Scores scores with this page using the 'Share' button at the bottom of the in-game High Scores page. Compare your scores with others in your country, continent, or with the whole world!
Note: Only the best 5 scores from each iPhone/Mac are displayed, so everyone gets a fair chance to make their mark on the top 100!

Top Score Charts

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Top 100 for Easy Mode
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Some Countries Represented

Brazil Australia Mexico Russian Federation Czech Republic Hong Kong China United States Thailand Kuwait Vietnam Indonesia Canada   Estonia United Kingdom Bulgaria Hungary

LinkLines Top 100 Scores for Asia  (Remove Filter)

  Name Score Level  
1Zenmy70,58520 HardIndonesia
2Zenmy16,40020 HardIndonesia
3Chi14,91016 HardVietnam
4Chi14,76016 HardVietnam
5Chi14,35016 HardVietnam
6Chi14,22016 HardVietnam
7Chi14,20016 HardVietnam
8Chi14,18016 HardVietnam
9Chi14,14016 HardVietnam
10Chi14,12016 HardVietnam
11Chi14,08016 HardVietnam
12Chi14,08016 HardVietnam
13Chi13,89016 HardVietnam
14Chi13,87016 HardVietnam
15Chi13,78016 HardVietnam
16Chi13,78016 HardVietnam
17Chi13,76016 HardVietnam
18Chi13,74016 HardVietnam
19Chi13,73016 HardVietnam
20Chi13,71016 HardVietnam
211008613,29016 HardChina
22HU13,00016 HardChina
23Orfeya12,76018 HardRussian Federation
24HU12,65016 HardChina
251008612,55016 HardChina
26pan12,46016 HardChina
27pan12,41016 HardChina
28Choty12,32016 HardThailand
29No Name12,28516 MediumChina
30Chans12,19516 EasyVietnam
31pan12,11016 HardChina
32101712,00516 HardChina
331008611,99016 HardChina
34Zsl11,94016 HardChina
35bob11,93016 HardRussian Federation
36bob11,91016 HardRussian Federation
371008611,75016 HardChina
381008611,69516 HardChina
39No Name11,59016 HardChina
401/811,52516 EasyVietnam
41Zsl11,52016 HardChina
42pan11,50016 HardChina
43New11,34016 HardVietnam
441008611,29516 HardChina
45Ttyui 11,28516 HardVietnam
46Tt11,25516 HardVietnam
47Zsy11,24016 HardChina
48Zsy11,21516 HardChina
49No Name11,19016 HardChina
50Zsy11,18016 HardChina
51Fofo11,13016 MediumKuwait
52Bim11,10016 HardVietnam
53No Name11,05516 EasyVietnam
54Zsy11,02016 HardChina
55Fofo10,96516 MediumKuwait
56Zsy10,93016 HardChina
57Yu10,92016 HardChina
58Tt10,91516 HardVietnam
59bob10,91016 HardRussian Federation
60No Name10,89016 HardChina
61Ttyui 10,88516 HardVietnam
62Loc10,86016 HardVietnam
63Yu10,84016 HardChina
64Yu10,84016 HardChina
65Zsy10,83016 HardChina
66Zsl10,83016 HardChina
67bob10,82016 HardRussian Federation
681008610,81516 HardChina
69Mikle_47hard10,81016 HardRussian Federation
70Choty10,81016 HardThailand
71Fofo10,80016 MediumKuwait
72Zsy10,79016 HardChina
73Fofo10,79016 MediumKuwait
74Fofo10,78016 MediumKuwait
75Zhan10,77516 EasyChina
76bob10,77016 HardRussian Federation
77Mani10,74516 MediumVietnam
78Yu10,74016 HardChina
791/1910,72516 EasyVietnam
80Zsy10,72016 HardChina
81Tt10,70516 HardVietnam
82Zsy10,70016 HardChina
83Tt10,70016 HardVietnam
84Mikle_47hard10,69016 HardRussian Federation
85Fofo10,69016 MediumKuwait
86bob10,68016 HardRussian Federation
87No Name10,68016 HardChina
88Zsl10,68016 HardChina
89No Name10,66016 EasyChina
90No Name10,65016 HardChina
91Tt10,64516 HardVietnam
92No Name10,63016 HardRussian Federation
93Choty10,63016 HardThailand
9410/310,60516 EasyVietnam
95Ttyui 10,60516 HardVietnam
96No Name10,60016 HardChina
97No Name10,59516 EasyVietnam
98bob10,59016 HardRussian Federation
99Ttyui 10,58516 HardVietnam
100Zsl10,57016 HardChina